Clark Cemetery

Most of the information in this section was taken from "Lexington Township Cemetery Book, 1813~1988". This information is reproduced here with permission from the Scott County Historical Society.



This badly vandalized family graveyard is located in Lexington Township, a short distance southeast of Goshen, on the south side of County Road 150S. It is on a 40 acre tract which had been entered May 16, 1834 by James Boles. The brick house of the Clark's was on the north side of the road. David Clark, who had entered land nearby in 1819, was one of Scott County's earliest settlers. The stones here were broken into bits, but we were able to piece four together.

CLARK, David 3/3/1782-10/4/1827
" George 7/15/1816-8/17/1835

MANAUGH, Sarah Elizabeth 5/18/1841-(No Date), Age: 4 yrs.

SHIELDS, Martha Jane 11/27/1828-9/6/1840

Other fragments could not be deciphered. Sunken spots denoted unmarked burials, and some graves were marked only with rough stones.

NOTE: David Clark was born in Delaware. He married Elizabeth Manaugh and she was born in Ireland. She is probably buried in this cemetery in an unmarked grave.

From the records of Leona Baldwin Believed to be gathered by Dr. Carl R. Bogardus, Sr.

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