Concord-Hardy Cemetery

Most of the information in this section was taken from "Lexington Township Cemetery Book, 1813~1988". This information is reproduced here with permission from the Scott County Historical Society.


Lexington Township
Scott County, Indiana

This abandoned cemetery is in Lexington Township, Scott County, on the Concord Road, just south of Fourteen Mile Creek. It is in the northwest fourth of the Southwest Quarter of Section 12, T. 2N, R. 8E, on what is known as the Toombs Farm. This entire quarter section of 160 acres was entered January 24, 1810, by Thomas Montgomery. Across the road stood the Concord Christian Church (now vanished) of which one of the founders in 1832 was Dr. Jonathan Hardy (1778-1836), father of Solon T. Hardy. This burial plot is in bad condition. All stones are toppled over (by cattle?), some are broken and some had to be dug up. There are eight marked burials. Four footstones (C.H., P.H., M.J.H., and J.D.H.) were found, for which there were no corresponding headstones.

... From CEMETERY RECORDS, SCOTT COUNTY, published in 1978.

This cemetery has been cleaned and restored by the Scott County Cemetery Commission.

In June, 1987, we observed these footstones: C.H., P.H., M.J.H. (Margaret J. Hardy), J.D.H., S.T.H. (Solon T. Hardy), and H.J.H. (Haseltine J. Hardy).

Sunken areas and rough field stones may denote still other graves.

HARDY, Solon T. 12/31/1809-7/19/1892
" Lavina (Hough) 10/11/1815-12/30/1842
daughter of Daniel, wife of S.T. Hardy, Married 11/10/1831
" Margaret J. (Smith) 8/28/1822-1/9/1889
2nd wife of S.T. Hardy, Married 2/4/1844
" Nancy J. 9/17/1835-12/23/1847 daughter of S.T. & L.
" Haseltine J. 8/10/1849-6/23/1850 daughter of S.T. & M.J.

HAY, John C. 6/2/1828-10/12/1915
" Susan (Hardy) 11/16/1838-2/18/1892
daughter of S.T. & L. Hardy

SNOW, Harriet A. (Hardy) 1/14/1840-9/14/1873
daughter of S,T. & L. Hardy
wife of Samuel S. Snow 1837-1908
(We did not find the Harriet A. Snow stone in June, 1987.)

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