Reeve Cemetery

Most of the information in this section was taken from "Lexington Township Cemetery Book, 1813~1988". This information is reproduced here with permission from the Scott County Historical Society.


Lexington Township
Scott County, Indiana

This abandoned cemetery is located in southwestern Lexington Township in "Fractional Section" 11, T.2N, R.7E., which had been originally entered by Jabez Reeve (1781-1865) on October 20, 1820. This triangular tract contained 251.42 acres and was a fraction of a full section since it bordered on Clark's Grant. Across this road still stands, and is used as a residence, the red brick Reeve School. The line between Section 11 and Tract No. 295 of Clark's Grant is just behind the school. There are many rough (field) stones marking graves and numerous spots denoting unmarked burials.

.From CEMETERY RECORDS, SCOTT COUNTY, published in 1978. In 1987, the old brick school walls still stand across the road and there is an old shed on the cemetery site.

There is a rectangular curb which would receive several bodies. There are some undecipherable letters on the curb.

This cemetery has been cleaned and restored by the Scott County Cemetery Commission.

CLARK, Children of Joseph & M.A. Clark
" Infant daughter 8/18/1863-8/18/1863
" Lydia M. 6/28/1864-2/25/1865
" Infant son 11/24/1878-11/24/1878
" Infant son 12/13/1879-12/13/1879

CRAVENS, Catharine Margaret "Maggie" (Curry) Died : 12/11/1860
Born in Ireland Age: 25 yrs., 9 mos., 1 day
wife of John N. Cravens
John Nelson "Nels" Cravens is buried at Cravens Cemetery by his 2nd wife, Nancy Jane (Lowe) Cravens.

DOLTON, Mary Died: 3/5/1846, Age: 30 yrs. wife of John

ELLIOTT, Charles 9/12/1789-11/19/1851
" Elizabeth Died: 8/30/1882, Age: 87 yrs., 2 mos., 21 days
* wife of Charles

ESTER, Isabelle 12/4/1860-7/27/1882
wife of Michael
" Minnie 7/15/1882-9/8/1882, daughter of Michael & Isabelle

GINN, Catharine Died: 3/16/1850, Age: 65 yrs.
There is a second stone reading :
HAMACHER, Frederick 12/27/1818-10/1/1846, son of Samuel

*ELLIOTT, John F. 6/25/1835-1/27/1863

HAMACHER, Frederick Died: 10/1/1846, Age: 28 yrs.
" Lucy H. Died: 9/9/1846, Age: 26 yrs. wife of Frederick
" William R. 6/23/1845-1/10/1862
son of Frederick & Lucy H.
Co. C, 36th Reg. Ind. Vol., Died a soldier

HAMACHER, John Died: 1/17/1850, Age: 1 yr., 5 mos., 28 days
son of T. & M.E.
(We did not find this stone in 1987.)

HAMACHER, Martha J. 11/7/1836-5/30/1850
daughter of J. & N.

HARMON, William R. 11/12/1839-8/4/1840
son of Stephen & Rosanna
" Sarah J. 3/3/1843-4/15/1847
daughter of S. & R.

HARROD, James M. 7/16/1817-6/4/1881
" Eliza 3/15/1822-8/22/1850
wife of James

McADAMS, Louis L. 4/26/1848-8/5/1891

MONTGOMERY, John R. Born: 1/17/1850, Age: 1 yr., 5 mos., 28 days
son of P. & M.E.

MORGAN, Mary F. 8/4/1852-3/17/1917

REEVE, Jabez 5/30/1781-9/5/1865
" in memory of Mary 4/18/1783-4/1/1818, wife of Jabez
" Margaret 6/9/1809-8/22/1898, 2nd wife of Jabez
" Anna Age: 7 yrs., 8 mos., 5 days, Died:
(stone broken through here - undecipherable)
daughter of J. & M.

ROSS, in memory of Ann, widow of Richard,
Died: 6/15/1844 in the 83rd year of her age

SANDERS, Mary F. Died: 3/17/1917, Age: 64 yrs.
reference, Rose Walker

STEVENSON, Mary Died: 4/30/1870, Age: 79 yrs., 6 mos.

WHITEFIELD, Elizabeth Died: 9/22/1884, Age: 66 yrs. wife of Jacob

WHITLATCH, William Lonzo Born & Died: 5/20/1865
" John Edgar Born: 10/25/1867, Died: 7/26/1870
both were sons of C.S. & H.K.

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