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Family # 1

See Caspar Jacobse Hallenbeck and descendants for some early history on this family.

Casper Jacobse Halenbeck - (1620-1703) the emigrant ancestor for this family, settled in Beverwyck (Albany), New York.
Jacob Casperse Halenbeck - son of Casper, married Hendrickje Hanz Dreeper, had ten children.
Isaac Casperse Halenbeck - son of Casper, had a parcel of land in Albany below Hudson street.
Jan Caspersen Hallenbeck - son of Casper, lived in Albany County, New York, died in 1730.
Major Jacobus Jacobse Hallenbeck - grandson of Casper Jacobse, was a suspected Tory during the American Revolution.
Casper Janse Hallenbeck - son of Jan Caspersen, will was proved in 1756.
Albert Hollenbeck - Psychologist and educator from Virginia.
Andrew Hollenbeck - Farmer from Phelps County, Nebraska.
George B. Hallenbeck - Brother of Hugh A. Hallenbeck and a Kansas legislator from Leavenworth County.
Earl D. Hollenbeck - state Senator from western Nebraska.
Beryl Hollenbeck - son of Nebraska Senator Earl Hollenbeck.
Hugh A. Hallenbeck - probably Family #1, born in Lee County, Illinois and was a farmer from Leavenworth County, Kansas.  Obituaries for other family members are published here:  Jennie Spray, his wife; George S. Hallenbeck, his son;   Charles B. Hallenbeck, his son;  Claude Hallenbeck, his son;  Earl J. Hallenbeck, his grandson; his 2nd great grandson, Nicholas Adam Hallenbeck, Margie Mayhugh Hallenbeck, wife of Charles.   
John Thomas Hollenbeck - Farmer and stockman from Jewell County, Kansas.
Mary Louisa Hepker - married John Thomas Hollenbeck.
Sydney L. Hollenbeck - 1861-1933, son of John Thomas Hollenbeck and Mary Louisa Hepker.
Leonard J. Hollenbeck - probably Family # 1, born in Albany County, New York and lived in Shawnee County, Kansas.
Michael J. Hollenbeck - probably Family # 1, a farmer from Greensport, Columbia County, New York.
Rea O. Hollenbeck - Commissioner from Middletown, New York.
Willard Fletcher Hollenbeck - Physician from Oregon.
William Henry Hollenbeck, Jr. - born in Illinois in 1840, later a civic leader in Fond du Lac, Minnesota.
Mary L. Banks - Married Thalberg Hollenbeck, grandson of William H. Hollenbeck, Jr.
Edward Joseph Hollenbeck -  (1916-1988) executive of Ford Motor Company, born in Detroit and lived in Cincinnati.
Cornelius Hollenbeck - born in 1832, farmer in Columbia County, New York.
Caspar I. Hallenbeck - (1783-1865) surveyor from Greene County, New York.
Harmon Van Woert
- married Catherine Hollenbeck in 1858, lived in Greene County, New York.
Lucius P. Hollenbeck - (1837- ) member of the Cortland County, New York Bar.
Garret M. Hollenbeck - (1820-1902) farmer from Erin, Chenango County, New York.
Ephraim G. Hallenbeck - born in Albany County, New York.
Isaac B. Hellenbeck - cabinet maker born in Albany County, New York in 1820.
Millard F. Hellenbeck - cabinet maker born in Albany County, New York in 1858.
Isaac Casparse Halenbeek - son of emigrant ancestor from Holland, owned land in Albany, New York.
Hendrik Halenbeek (1692-1766) started Halenbeek Burial Ground in Albany, New York.
Jacob Halenbeek born in Albany, New York in 1746.
Caspar Jacob Hallenbeck (1775-1810) farmer from Albany County, New York.
Jacob J. Hallenbeck (1815-1858) farmer from Schenectady County, New York.
Jacob H. Hallenbeck (1842-1908) businessman from Schenectady County, New York.
Edward Hollenbeck  (1912-1991) pipe fitter from New Jersey.
Lewis Hollenbeck (1882-1949) banker from Colorado.
Charles A. Hollenbeck married Etta Becker in 1882.
Francis Abram Hollenbeck (1851-1933) invented and patented the Hollenbeck hammerless gun.
Martha "Mattie" Jane Hollenbeck Brown (1868-1955), came to Parsons, Kansas in 1904.
Davis A. Brown (1862-1926) married Mattie Jane Hollenbeck in 1883.
Ezekiel M. Hollenbeck (1839-1862) letters from the Civil War.
Stephen P. Hollenbeck (1801- ) an early settler of Iowa County, Wisconsin.
Sarah Jane Hollenbeck Stone (1790- ) born in Cannan, Connecticut moved to Hudson, Ohio.

Descendants of Ebben Hollenbeck (1860-1924)

Glen Eben Hollenbeck (1905-1968) hotel manager.
Robert Ebben Hollenbeck
(1924-1927) died in childhood.
Harry Ivan Hollenbeck (1909-1998) boilermaker from Long Beach, California.
Cleo Florence Hollenbeck (1912-1998) married Ralph Lane, farmed in Iowa.
Ray Vernon Hollenbeck (1916-1984) World War II veteran, married Peggy Logston.
Loretta Thompson Hollenbeck (1891-1963) married Harry E. Hollenbeck in Palmyra, Missouri in 1908.
Reva D. Edington, 1928-1996, born in Bedford, Indiana, married Harry Clay Hollenbeck.

17th Century Hallenbeck Family - Maternal Lines

Willem Hoffmeyer - born in Brazil in 1626, his daughter married Jan Casparse Hallenbeck.
Teunis Van Vechten - came to America from the Netherlands in 1637, his grand daughter married William Jansz Caspersen Hallenbeck.
Michael Jansen - born about 1610, obtained land in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Family # 1A (Jacob Hollenbeck came to Indiana in about 1817.)
Webb Parmalee Hollenbeck - better known as Clifton Webb, the Academy Award winning actor.
Jacob Grant Hollenbeck - Clifton Webb's father.
Mrs. Maybelle Webb - Clifton Webb's mother.
Earl Milles (1901-2002) Son of Emma Hollenbeck and America's oldest practicing barber.
Emma Hollenbeck Milles (1859-1948) daughter of Henry Frank Hollenbeck.
Henry Frank Hollenbeck - Grandfather of Earl Milles and Civil War veteran
Jacob Wesley Hollenbeck - brother of Henry Frank Hollenbeck, grandfather of Clifton Webb.
Christopher von Staden - married Anna von Staden, daughter of Henry Frank Hollenbeck.
Jacob Hollenbeck - Came to Indiana about 1817; grandfather of Henry Frank Hollenback.
Jesse B. Hollenbeck - born in Indiana, lived in Nebraska.
Ray Hollenbeck - brother of Jesse B. Hollenbeck, lived in Indiana.
Anna F. Williams - married Jesse B. Hollenbeck of Nebraska.
William Riley Hollenbeck - born in Indiana, lived in Nebraska, and later served as mayor of Florence, Oregon.
Levi Hollenbeck - civil war veteran from Mapleton, Oregon, born in Indiana.
Nathan Burton - married Alice Jane Hollenbeck, lived in Phillips County, Kansas.
Missouri Carroll Hollenbeck - Spouse of Peter Hollenbeck, moved from Indiana to Illinois to Iowa to Kansas. An interesting account of life in mid-America in the 19th century.
Elizabeth Jane Hollenbeck - Daughter of Missouri Carroll and Peter Hollenbeck. Another interesting account of life in mid-America in the 19th century.  She married William Bradley.
Henry Madison Hollenbeck - son of Peter Hollenbeck and Sally Trulock.
Plenny Andrew Hollenbeck - farmer from Audubon County, Iowa.
Abraham R. Hollenbeck - (1857-1928) lived in New Washington, Indiana.
Edmund A. Hollenbeck - (1881-1920) son of Abraham A. Hollenbeck, attorney from Indiana.
Levina Jane Hollenbeck -(1850-1919) daughter of Andrew Hollenbeck, born in Missouri, died in Kansas.
Hollenbeck Orphans - Jennie and Malissa Hollenbeck from Nodaway County, Missouri, believed to be great granddaughters of Jacob Hollenbeck.
Vaola M. Hollenbeck - (1868-1950) born in Indiana, son of David Hollenbeck and Mary Hardy.
Millard Alva Hollenbeck (1891-1988) contractor from Auburn, California.
Edna Reynolds Hollenbeck (1888-1969) wife of Millard Alva Hollenbeck.
Don Hollenbeck - journalist from Lincoln, Nebraska.
Clyde E. Hollenbeck - father of journalist Don Hollenbeck from Lincoln, Nebraska.
Clara Davey
- married Clyde Hollenbeck, mother of journalist Don Hollenbeck from Lincoln, Nebraska.
Grace F. Hollenbeck
- stepmother of journalist Don Hollenbeck from Nebraska.
Dale Gilbert Hollenbeck - canning executive from Nebraska.
Bazel Champer Hollenbeck (1834-1921) bible records.
Dennis Wesley Hollenbeck - retired mail clerk from Oakland, California.

Descendants of Peter Hollenbeck (Son of Jacob Hollenbeck)
Mrs. E. J. Worley, Matilda K. Hollenbeck, Henry Madison Hollenbeck, Sarah Ellen Waters, Oscar Hollenbeck, William H. Hollenbeck, Edwin O. Hollenbeck, Ora Oren Hollenbeck, Mrs. Alice Hollenbeck, Bessie Dell White, Nora M. White, Mrs. Grace Bradley Dague, H. Ralph Hollenbeck, Pearl Alice Boyles, Ethel May Utz, Curtis Edward Utz, John W. Hollenbeck, Floyd O. Hollenbeck, Ira Leslie Hollenbeck, Mrs. Rosa Young, Clarence A. Hollenbeck, Martha Chambers Hollenbeck, Daisy Scheid, Russell Earl Hollenbeck, Ernest O. Hollenbeck, Merl Freeborn, James E. Hollenbeck, Clara Ellen Bryan, Norma Lee Cook, Mrs. Nancy C. Worthington, R. Ruth Ridgway,  Bradley James Hollenbeck, Sherry Ridgeway Moore, Mrs. Cora Hollenbeck, Henry Clay White, Julia Ann Hollenbeck, Edna Stahl Hollenbeck.

Family # 1B
George E. Hollenbeck - Farmer, born in Ohio, came to Missouri
John Edward Hollenbeck - Lived in Nicaragua and California - uncle of George E. Hollenbeck.  New information added 10/11/97.
Edna Mae Arnold - married Wilfred Flesher Hollenbeck, son of George E. Hollenbeck.
Carrie Adams - married Theron Hollenbeck, brother of John Edward Hollenbeck, in 1865.

Family # 1C
Delbert Hollenbeck - (1873-1929) born in Grundy County, Illinois.
George Hollenbeck - Farmer from Kankakee, Illinois
Joyce E. Hollenbeck Julsen - From Mason City, Iowa - obituary.

Family # 1D

Andrew F. Hollenback - These brothers (Andrew F., Lawrence V., William Henry, and Henry William) arrived in Sangamon County, Illinois from Massachusetts in 1830.

Family # 1E

Family # 1F (Lawrence Hollenbeck came to Illinois in 1815)

Lawrence Hollenbeck - (1780-1866) born in New York, came to Illinois in 1815.

Second Generation
William Hollenbeck - son of Lawrence Hollenbeck, born in New York, lived in Illinois and California.  Hollenbeck Avenue in San Francisco is named after him. 
Nathan Hollenbeck - oldest child of Lawrence Hollenbeck, married Emeline White in 1829.
John Hollenbeck - second born son of Lawrence Hollenbeck, ran flatboats down the Wabash, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers.
Lawrence Hollenbeck, Jr. - 6th child of Lawrence Hollenbeck, operated a gristmill/sawmill in Clark County, Illinois.
Sarah Hollenbeck - last child of Lawrence Hollenbeck to be born in New York, married Gideon Blackburn White.
Mary Hollenbeck - first child of Lawrence Hollenbeck to be born in Illinois, married Thomas Garwood, Jr.

Third Generation
John Milton Hollenbeck - (1838-1918) grandson of Lawrence Hollenbeck, merchant from Clark County, Illinois.
Susanna Janney
- (1843-1900) second wife of John Milton Hollenbeck.
Mary Jane Hollenbeck -  (1853-1947) born in Clark County, Illinois and lived in Kansas and then Montana.
William W. Hollenbeck - (1837-1907) Civil War veteran, married Ruby Ellen Hollenbeck of Family 1A, a second cousin.
Hannah Maria Hollenbeck - (1841-1869) married Joseph F. Hollenbeck of Family 1A. a second cousin.

Fourth Generation (Children of John Milton Hollenbeck)
Elsie Price Hollenbeck - (1859-1946) married George Holwick, lived in Kansas and Oklahoma.
William Tell Hollenbeck - (1861-1951) prominent attorney and Judge from Clark County, Illinois.
Charles Grant Hollenbeck - (1863-1951) farmed in Osage County, Missouri.
Washington Hollenbeck - (1866-1948) farmer and mail carrier in Clark County, Illinois.
Homer Frances Hollenbeck - (1879-1930) teacher, hotel and livery stable keeper and merchant from Maries County, Missouri.
Effie Hollenbeck (1889-1966) married Otto Alabaugh and lived in Vermilion County, Illinois.
Lawrence Hollenbeck (1892-1976) merchant, farmer, and genealogist from Clark County, Illinois.

Fifth Generation (Grandchildren of John Milton Hollenbeck)
Neal Augustus Hollenbeck - (1897-1959) civic leader from Marshall, Illinois.
John Milton Hollenbeck - (1899-1989) prominent attorney and Judge from Clark County, Illinois.
William Wayne Hollenbeck - (1905-1982) businessman from Marshall, Illinois.
Ruth Reece, (1913-1994), married William Wayne Hollenbeck.
Lawrence Marshall Hollenbeck - (1904-1980) salesman from Sikeston, Missouri, son of Homer Hollenbeck.
Max Eugene Hollenbeck - (1915-1993) attorney from Illinois, great great grandson of Lawrence Hollenbeck, Sr.
Charles Grant Hollenbeck, Jr. - (1896-1980) farmer and veteran of World War I from Clark County, Illinois.
Abraham Lincoln Hollenbeck  - (1912-1968) veteran of World War II worked in motion picture industry in Hollywood.
Harry LeRoy Hollenbeck - (1894-1971) worked at the Naval Ship Yards in Philadelphia.
Leo Verner Hollenbeck - (1903-1967) truck driver from Clark County, Illinois.
Paul Smith Hollenbeck -(1916-1970) Judge from Maries County, Missouri.
Helen Marie Hollenbeck - (1920-  ) graduated from the University of Illinois, married Joseph Pawlowski.

Family # 1G

James M. Hollenbeck (1801-1901) had 16 children in Erin, Chemung County, New York.
Isaac Shoemaker Hollenbeck (1836-1921) son of James M. Hollenbeck, came to Jackson County, Wisconsin and raised seven children.
Isaac Shoemaker Hollenbeck, Jr. (1874-1956)  lived in Alma Center, Jackson County, Wisconsin.
Hugh Hiram Hollenbeck (1884-1952) born in Wisconsin, farmed in North Dakota and South Dakota.  
Harry Hollenbeck (1892-1964) farmer from North Dakota, brother of Hugh Hiram Hollenbeck.
Allen Harold Lebo (1937-2000) son of Norman and Ione Hollenbeck Lebo (Ione is the daughter of Harry Hollenbeck from North Dakota.
William J. Hollenbeck (1918-1986) son of Francis Hamilton Hollenbeck from Chemung County, New York.
Helen L. Hollenbeck (1904-1990) married William Ross Whitmarsh, lived in Chemung County, New York.
Fletcher J. Hollenbeck (1900-1981) son of Wells H. Hollenbeck, lived in Chemung County, New York.
Wells H. Hollenbeck (1863-1944) born in Erin, New York, voted for Cleveland in 1884.

Hollenbeck's from western Kansas
(Family #1)

Abraham Lewis Hollenbeck - born 1861 in Carney, Pa., lived in Thomas County, Kansas.
Judson Hollenbeck
- brother of Abraham Lewis Hoolenbeck, lived in western Kansas, married Mary Marie Maring.
Charles and Abbie Hollenbeck Jones
- she was the daughter of Abrahma Lewis Hollenbeck, lived in Sherman County, Kansas.
Orvil and Ella Hollenbeck Jones
- she was the daughter of Abrahma Lewis Hollenbeck, lived in Sherman County, Kansas.
Josephine Stouffer Hollenbeck
- she married Harley Hollenbeck, son of Judson Hollenbeck.
Col. E. W. "Bill" Hollenbeck - (1912-1934) U. S. Army hero and assistant to the president of Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kansas.

Family # 2 (families #2 and 3 have been linked)
George Hollenbach - Emigrated from Germany to Pennsylvania in 1717.
George Hollenback - grandson of George Hollenbach, had a family of 17 children.
Jane Hollenback
- granddaughter of George Hollenbach, married David Hunter.
John Hollenback
- grandson of George Hollenbach, married Elizabeth Stansbury.
Mary Ann Hollenback
- granddaughter of George Hollenbach.
Matthias Hollenback - wealthy merchant  and Associate Judge of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court from Luzerne County.  Grandson of George Hollenbach.
George Matson Hollenback - son of Matthias Hollenback, merchant, banker, and legislator from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
John Welles Hollenback - grandson of Matthias Hollenback, financier and philanthropist from Wyoming County, Pennsylvania.
Mrs. Amelia Hollenback - wife of John Welles Hollenback.
Juliette Geneva Hollenback - daughter of John Welles Hollenback
Stella L. Hollenbeck - wife of Edward Welles, born in Illinois in 1862.
John Hollenback (1780-1847) son of John George Hollenback and Hannah Barton.
George W. Hollenback (1806-1878) born at Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, prominent businessman of Owego, New York.
William Henry Hollenback (1839-1914) son of George W. Hollenback.
Charles Edward Hollenback (1849-1884) son of George W. Hollenback, attorney in Owego, New York.
John Hollenback (1775-1867) merchant from Wyalusing, Pennsylvania.

Family # 2B
Hollenback/Rhinehart/Chandler - Families all lived close together in Hampshire County, West Virginia, during the late 1700s and early 1800s.
Harriette Emory Hollenback - lived in Mineral, West Virginia, married Albert Rogers.
Family # 3
(families #2 and 3 have been linked)
Thomas Hollenback - Family #3, born in Ohio 1814, Illinois 1831, Missouri 1847, California 1848, Illinois 1852, Missouri 1855, Kansas 1866.  Also see History of Kendall County, Illinois.
Major C. W. Hollenback
- Farmer and stockman from Missouri
Benjamin Hollenback - Johnson County Kansas Pioneer. Also see William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas.
Franklin Hollenback - Son of Benjamin, U. S. Marshal from Johnson County Kansas.
Lydia Ann Archer Hollenback - Spouse of Franklin Hollenback from Kansas.
Sarah E. Hollenback - married Dr. P. J. Morrison, lived in Miami County, Kansas.
Mrs. Rhoda Hollenback
- died in Shawnee, Kansas in 1888.
Charles Franklin Hollenback - died as an infant in 1888.

Family # 4
Charles F. Hollenbeck - Farmer from Missouri
Hulda Hunsaker - married Charles F. Hollenbeck
Family # 5
W. K. Hollenbeck - Family #5 -farmer from Missouri

Family # 6
Archie Talcott Hollenbeck - Civic leader and newspaper publisher from Missouri

Family # 7
Philip Hollenbach
- Born in Germany in 1851 and came to America in 1869.
Louis J. Hollenbach, Sr - Son of Phillip, race horse owner and distillery executive.

Family # 8
John C. Hollenbeck - Lived in Western Kansas.
Emma Sarah Price - wife of John C. Hollenbeck.
Edwin I. Hollenbeck - brother of John C. Hollenbeck, came to Ness County, Kansas in 1876.
Family # 9
Judge Conrad Hollenbeck - Nebraska State Supreme Court Judge. Also see Judge Conrad Hollenbeck Photo .
L. A. Hollenbeck - Brother of Judge Conrad Hollenbeck
Conrad Hollenbeck, Sr. and Children - Grandfather of Judge Conrad Hollenbeck
John Hollenbeck, III and Children - Father of Judge Conrad Hollenbeck
Frank Knox Hollenbeck - Son of Judge Conrad Hollenbeck
Thomas Alexander Hollenbeck - son of Frank Knox Hollenbeck, civil engineer, lived in Washington.
Judge Amos F. Hollenbeck - Colorado district judge.
Pierre-Alexis Hollenbeck  - a French film star.

Family # 10
Casper Hollenbeck - 1875-1935, lived in St. Louis.
Retha F. Dabbs
- 1912-1991, married Leo Hollenbeck and was very active in genealogy.
Kevin Hollenbeck
- born in California, now lives in Oklahoma.

Family # 11
Harold J. Hollenbeck - Former Mayor of East Rutherford, New Jersey and U. S. Representative.
Mrs. Monika Hollenbeck - born in Germany, lived in Rutherford, New Jersey.
Harold Capistran Hollenbeck - U. S. Representative from New Jersey.
Robert P. Hollenbeck - state assemblyman from New Jersey.
Susan Hollenbeck  - researcher # 23
Robert Hollenbeck - researcher #215
Family # 12
Family # 13

August Hollenbeck - (1863-1937) married Elizabeth Wheat and lived in Osage County, Missouri.
Mary E. Gerling - daughter of Herman and Sophia Hollenbeck Gerling, married Raymond Price, and lived in Meta, Missouri.

Family #14
Andrew Jackson Hollenbeck was born in Pennsylvania in 1859 and moved to Iowa in 1863.
Ulysses Grant Hollenbeck - farmer from Muscatine County, Iowa.
William Grant Hollenbeck - World War II veteran born in Nichols, Iowa.

Family #16
Matthias Hollenbach (1784-1851) settled in Niagara County, New York.

Others unassigned

Abraham Hollenbeck (1796-1843) one of the earliest families of Marathon, Lapeer County, Michigan.
Helen Hollenbeck Marcus (1905-2000) daughter of John G. Hollenbeck and Anna Price.
Grover Cleveland Hollenbeck an Author
Merlin C. Hollenbach Vietnam war hero.
George W. Hollenbeck Kansas legislator.
Lottie Ruth Hollenback - daughter of George W.Hollenbeck and Red Cross nurse.
Capt James W. Hollenbach, USN
Granville Hollenbeck - farmer from Oklahoma.
Kenneth O. Hollenbeck - from Nebraska.
Robert M. Hallenbeck - attorney from New York.
Samuel D. Hollenbeck - political power from Ohio.
William H. Hollenbeck - businessman from Catskill, New York.
Dr. Lloyd Hollenbeck - Physician from Brooklyn, son of William H. Hollenbeck.
Everett Hollenbeck - shipper from Maplewood, New Jersey.
Col. Edwin E. Hollenback - American Legion commander from Pennsylvania.
Michael Hollenbeck - an early sheriff in Butler County, Iowa.
Jesse E. Hollenbeck - general contractor from Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Henry C. Hollenbeck - early settler in Kossuth County, Iowa.
George J. Hollenbeck - a banker and businessman from Sacramento, California.
John Hollenbeck - (1834-1924) born in New York, lived in Wisconsin and California. 
Alfred V. Hollenbeck - a controversial Hollenbeck from Sioux City, Iowa.
Theodore Hollenbach - a civil war veteran from Brooklyn.
Rev. John Hollenbach - Pastor from Rochester, New York.
Dr. Henry S. Hollenbeck - Medical missionary.
William M. Hollenback - "Big Bill Hollenback", college football star from Pennsylvania.
Mrs. Anna J. Hollenback - mother of William M. Hollenback from Pennsylvania.
Mrs. Amelia E. Hollenbeck - business woman from Stockton, California.
Daniel Kidder Hollenbeck - attorney from Perrysburg, Ohio.
Sister M. Alexine Hollenback - nursing supervisor from Kansas City.
Nora Hollenbeck - died tragically at 100 years of age.  New information added 10/5/97.
Frank Bradbury Hollenbeck - surgeon from Nebraska.
Alice Maude Doty - married Dr. Frank Bradbury Hollenbeck.
Martha Hollenbeck - married Richard Barnett, lived in Phelps County, Nebraska.
Eleanor Hollenbeck - married Darrell Thomsen, lived in Phelps County, Nebraska, sister of Martha Hollenbeck.
L. A. Hollenbeck - banker from South Dakota.
Walter Emil Hollenbeck - life insurance company executive from New York.
John William Hollenbach - college dean from Michigan.
Ralph Anthony Hollenbeck - editor from New Jersey.
Marynell Hollenbeck - municipal government official from Kansas City.
Sister Ruth Hollenbach - college president from Wisconsin.
Mark John Hollenbeck - state representative from South Dakota.
L. D. Hollenbeck - politician from Gratiot County, Michigan.
Edwin Hollenbach - engineer from Pennsylvania.
George M. Hollenback - dentist from Nebraska.
Clifford Maurice Hollenbeck - chemist from Nebraska.
Irene Hollenbeck - ecology teacher from Iowa.
Lois Sevigny Hollenbeck - microbiologist from New Hampshire.
Zeph John Reid Hollenbeck - gynecologist from Indiana.
Otto William Hollenbeck - farmer from Wright City, Missouri.
Donal Clinton Hollenback
- publisher from Ohio.
Albert Hardy Hollenbeck - art gallery owner from Indiana.
Dorothy Rose Hollenbeck - educator from Washington.
Sylvia Dee Hollenback - speech pathologist from Washington.
Clifford Ernest Hollenbeck - producer, photographer, writer, columnist from Texas.
Nancy Eilene Davis Hollenbeck - writer, artist married Clifford Ernest Hollenbeck, 1972.
Carl Francis Hollenback - physician from Nebraska.
Jacob H. Hollenback - farmer from Gage County, Nebraska.
William A. Hollenback - farmer from Gage County, Nebraska.
James T. Carroll - married Margaret E. Hollenbeck and came to Nebraska in 1873.
Eva Mable Schock
- married to Dr. Frank R. Hollenbeck, pastor in Colorado for many years.  Former prinicpal at Falls City, Nebraska.
Myron Hollenbeck - 1908-1989, lived in Nebraska.
Regina Marie Hollenbeck - from Dalton, Nebraska, married Louis Anthony Saali in 1936.
Mrs. Ellen K. Hollenbeck - Nebraska traffic fatality in 1972.
Oliver B. Hollenbeck - born in West Virginia in 1852, moved to Illinois and then Keya Paha County, Virginia.
Joseph Henry Fisher - married Mary Ellen Hollenbeck, the daughter of Oliver B. Hollenbeck.  He was killed by a load of wood in 1907.
John Hollenbeck - was in livery business in Aberdeen, South Dakota.
H. O. Hollenbeck - born in Clinton County, Indiana, educator and publisher from Seattle.
John Hollenbeck - revolutionary war officer from Connecticut.
Daniel Hollenbeck
- revolutionary war officer from Virginia.
Mrs. John Hallenbeck - struck by lightning in 1904 in Missouri.
Peter Hollenbeck - deserted the United States Infantry in 1827.
Victor Hollenbeck - farmer from Shelby County, Missouri.
Eva York Hollenbeck - lived in Texas County, Missouri.
Lisa Hollenbeck - in 1983 was a young model from St. Peters, Missouri.
Frances E. Hollenbeck - (1903-1983), born and lived near Des Moines, Iowa.
Almira Hollenbeck - killed in 1877 when the Winnebago County, Illinois courthouse fell.
Judith Hollenback - married Thomas McNulty, lived in Montana.
Garret Haulenbeck - died in Bergen County, New Jersey about 1834; his grandson was Edward J. Haullenbeck, Jr.(1844-1915).
Harriet Hollenbeck - married William Wyman in 1846, lived in Saginaw County, Michigan.
Francis Hollenbeck - born in New York in 1809, lived in Wood County, Ohio.
Edith Hollenback - divorced Benjamin Herr and received large sum of money.
Verna Lucille Anderson - married Ralph Hollenbeck, lived in Monticello-Big Lake, Minnesota area.
Orrin Whitcomb Hollenbeck - born in Massachusetts, lived in Placer County, California.
John E. Hollenbeck - modern-day percussionist and composer.
Stephen Hollenbeck - modern-day costume designer from Indiana.
Jared Hollenbeck - modern-day rodeo enthusiast.
Scot Hollonbeck - paralympic gold-medalist athlete from Smyma, Georgia.
Addie Hollenbeck - born in Wisconsin, lived in Clay County, Kansas, married Milton Hubbard.
Chancy D. Hollenbeck - born in Canada in 1846, farmer in northern Michigan.
Rev. S. B. Hollenbeck -  born in Iowa in 1846, farmed and preached in southwest Oregon.
Clifton D. Hollenbeck - born in Chautauqua County, New York in 1870, was a farmer.
Andrew H. Hollenbeck - born in Nebraska in 1937,  farmer and businessman in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Mrs. Prudence A. Hollenback - wife of Lyman Hollenback, lived in Greene County, Missouri.
Alonzo L. Hollenbeck - died in 1997 in Checotah, Oklahoma.
E. Darrell Hallenbeck - television director and movie producer.
Sgt. Hubert Hollenbeck - Civil War era soldier from New York.
John T. Hollenbeak - sheep farmer from northern Idaho, born in Iowa in 1853.
George Wilson Hollembeak - physician born in Illinois in 1856, practiced medicine in Kansas.
Edna Georgia Hollenbeck - (1889-1938) born in Missouri, married Lee Jarvis and lived in Oklahoma.
Ethel Marie Hollenbeck - (1906-1993) married Virgil Dudley and lived in Appanoose County, Iowa.
Loren Ellsworth Hollenbeck, educator, vocalist from Oregon.
Sue J. Timmerman
, educator from Wisconsin, married Michael D. Hollenbeck.
Karen Fern Roberts, foundation executive, married Marvin Allan Hollenbeck, lived in Michigan.
William Bryan Hollenbeck, logger, builder, businessman from Oregon.
Alvin Scott Hollenbeck, real estate broker from California.
Betty Lou Ford Hollenbeck, school district community relations officer from California.
Benjamin W. Hollenbeck, born in Madison County, New York in 1814, moved to Michigan in 1836.
Floyd Emerson Hollenbeck, 1900-1992, lived in Oklahoma.
Fleeda Adell Hollenbeck
, 1913-1994, married George E. Cory, lived in Oklahoma.
Albert R. Hollenbeck, 1926-1995, lived in Oklahoma.
Mary Julia Hollenbeck Allman, 1924-1996, lived in Oklahoma City.
Herbert E. Carroll
, 1916-1997, son of Finley and Florence Hollenbeck Carroll, veteran of World War II.
Marie Hollenbeck Krus, 1921-1992, daughter of Emil Von and Emma Teresa Schafer Hollenbeck.
Roger Eisenhauer, 1931-1994, son of John and Lois Hollenbeck Eisenhauer, Korean War veteran.
Gladys Hollenbeck, 1921-1996, nurse from Peoria, Illinois.
Elsie Thome Blair, 1904-1996, daughter of George W. and Harriet Hollenbeck.
Marie Annillo Hollenbeck, 1926-1993, married Frederick Hollenbeck, lived in New Jersey.
Dolores Hollenbeck, 1917-1996, from New Jersey.
Lenore Hollenbeck, 1909-1992, married Wilfred Gillings.
Viola Katherine Jentzsch, 1904-1996, from Missouri.
Warren H. Potter, 1929-1993, married Sharalyn Hollenbeck, lived in Hamburg, New York.
Marion B. Hodge, 1904-1996, married Edgar P. Hollenbeck, lived in Massachusetts.
Vivian Lenore Hollenbeck, 1902-1991, born in Nebraska.
Alice Hollenbeck, 1926-1993, born in New York City.
Jessie Hollenbeck Clemens, 1934-1994, from Pleasanton, Kansas.
Marian Lucille Hollenbeck, 1911-1994, born in Kansas City, married Kenneth Hollenbeck.
Louis Francis Hollenbeck, 1916-1994, born in Grandview, Missouri, worked for Santa Fe Railway.
Eleanor Dunkerley, 1914-1997, born in Kansas City to Roy E. and Yolanda Hollenbeck Dunkerley, married Carl Arbeiter.
Nathanial and Hannah (Freeman) Hollenbeck - early settlers in Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada
Romaine Chapman Hollenback
, 1924-1996, civil servant, married Lloyd George Hollenbeck.
Lloyd George Hollenbeck, 1924-1997, U. S. Army chief warrant officer for 30 years.
Ruth Rose Hollenback, 1898-1993, married Lawrence Hollenback in Virginia, Illinois.
Roseanna Brown, 1942-1993, daughter of Harold and Helen Hollenback Brown.
Jerry Hollenback, 1976-1995, son of Steven and Candice Cooper Hollenback.
James Ferlmann, 1933-1995, married Ava M. Hollenback in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Manda Riechard Hollenback, 1897-1995, daughter of Fred and Bertha Hollenback Riechard, married Earl Hollenback.
Mabel Hollenback Trone, 1899-1995, daughter of George W. and Clara C. Noble Hollenback.
Gladys Purman Hollenback, 1912-1996, married Francis E. Hollenback in Lewistown, Illinois.
Lewis  B. Hollenback, 1925-1997, self-employed truck driver, born in Table Grove, Illinois.
Violet Percifield Nelson, 1916-1991, daughter of Scott and Clara Bell (Hollenback) Percifield.
Orrie J. Hollenback, 1964-1994, disc jockey born in Findlay, Ohio.
Evelyn Tucker Hollenback, 1912-1997, married Frank Robert Hollenback, lived in Colorado.
Frank Hollenback, Sr., 1917-1997, UPS mechanic from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Helen Pettee Hallenbeck, 1911-1994, married Wilford Hallenbeck, lived in Massachusetts.
Isabel Hallenbeck, 1898-1990, married John A. Holmes, lived in New Jersey.
Bernice Hallenbeck, 1904-1992, married Arthur B. Murray, sister of Isabel Hallenbeck, lived in New Jersey.
Eileen Hallenbeck, 1930-1990, married Andrew J. Hogh, lived in New Jersey.
Donna Ramsayer Hallenbeck, 1938-1993, married Charles L. Hallenbeck, born in Elkton, Michigan.
Joseph Baldassara, 1918-1992, married Thelma A. Hallenbeck, operated a tavern in Niagara Falls, New York.
Charles P. Riley, 1913-1992, married Elizabeth Hallenbeck, pioneered laser eye surgery.
Frank L. Bax, 1920-1997, married Margaret V. Hallenbeck, devoted Yankees fan from Niagara Falls, New York.
Jacob A. Hollenbeck  born 1864, merchant from Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois.
E. A. "Bud" Hollenback, 1903-1984, farmer from Hutchinson, Kansas.
Elsie Irene Hollenback, 1901-1973, school teacher, sister of Bud Hollenback.
Peter Hollenbeck, 1839-1923, lived in Kay County, Oklahoma and Cowley County, Kansas.
Fern Van Buskirk Hollenbeck, 1900-1993, nurse from Abilene, Kansas.
O'Neita Ginder Hollenbeck, 1901-1988, teacher from Kansas.
Marguerite Lillian Hollenbeck, 1912-1997, daughter of Howard Reed Hollenbeck of Salt Lake City, Utah.
Nellie Kamerrer, 1896-1998, married Reuben Hollenbeck who was a pioneer Oregon State Police Officer.
De Witt Heermance, 1856-1905, married May Hallenbeck, killed by a train near New York City.
Owen Hollenbeck, married Abbie Ames in Hickory, Illinois in 1903.
William H. Hollenbeck, 1926-1991, born in Iowa lived in Fairmount, Indiana.
Donald Hollenbeck, hero at the Battle of the Bulge.
Gerald K. Hollenbeck (1907-1997) native of Erie, Pennsylvania.
Louise Hollenbeck Wiles (1911-1997) daughter of Arthur Vere and Matilda Louise Hollenbeck.
Edna Aucoin Hollenbeck 1897-1918, married Edward Hollenbeck, lived in Washington, D.C.
Jacob Elmer Hollenbeck 1914-1998, lived in Gene Autry, Oklahoma.
William L. Hollembeak - lived in Boone County, Illinois, married Myra Shattuck.
Jacob J. Hallenbeck - 1823-1904, lived in Whitely County, Indiana.
Jeannine Macaulay Hollenbeck (1928-1998) married Willard Hollenbeck in Portland, Oregon in 1950.
Lyle L. Hollenbeck (1922-1999) farmed in the Winona, Minnesota area.
Evelyn Mae Mills (1920-1998) married Lyle Hollenbeck in 1947.
Thomas Hollenbeck (1952-1999) killed in a snowmobile accident in Oregon.
Unusual surname derivatives - Van Hollenbeck (1922-1998)
Henrietta Pauline Hutchison Hollenbeck (1910-1997) married Glenn Hollenbeck in St. Louis.
Jaunita Hollenbeck Deschamp died the day after her husband, 1999.
Aaron Hollenbeck (1834-1927) pioneer in Antelope County, Nebraska.
Addie Belle Stevens (1858-1929) married Aaron Hollenbeck in 1898 in Antelope County, Nebraska.
Jess Hollenbeck (1874-1935) son of Aaron Hollenbeck.
Wallace Rush Hollenback (1874-1960) lived in Ionia County, Michigan.
Dwight Wheeler Hollenbeck (1909-1996) graduated from Princeton in 1932.
Arthur Earle Hollenbeck (1891-1969) physician from San Diego.
William Booth Hollenbeck (1857-1919) lived in Wayne, Cass County, Michigan.
Lura Hollenbeck Morse (1881-1924) daughter of William Booth Hollenbeck.
Blanche E. Weeter Hollenbeck (1902-1999) teacher, wife of Dane I. Hollenbeck.
Justus Hollenbeck (1821-1896) came to Grundy County, Illinois in 1852.
Albert Hollenbeck (1845-1915) lived in Grundy County, Illinois.
Francis Ida Gwilliams Hollenbeck (1900-1940) married John A. Hollenbeck in 1920.
Homer J. Hollenbeck, Sr. (1922-1999) Madison, Illinois.
Wynona Hollenbeck Williams (1936-1999) born in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Aramont Noble Hollembeak (1816-1908) lived in Genoa, Illinois.
George Adelbert Hollenbeck (1858-1941) born in Steuben County, New York.
Orrin Hallenbeck born in Hammondsport, New York in 1847.
Mary Hollenbeck Greenleaf married Peter Greenleaf in New Jersey in 1804 and moved to Fulton County.
Leora Hollenbeck Beale (1886-1971) daughter of Sanford Hollenbeck, lived in Texas County, Missouri.
Carolyn Joyce Hollenbeck Booker (1933-1975) born in Bucyrus, Missouri.
Bernice Altis Hollenbeck (1929-1980) married Freddie Hollenbeck, lived in Texas County, Missouri.
Eva York Hollenbeck (1907-1981) married George Hollenbeck, lived in Texas County, Missouri.
Jack E. Hollenbeck (1907-2000) owned a well digging business in Vancouver, Washington.
David Vernon Hollenbeck (1958-1999) grandson of Jack E. Hollenbeck.
Joyce Eleanor Andrea Hollenbeck (1921-2002) wife of John E. Hollenbeck of Salina, Kansas.

Descendants of Eurias Hollenbeck (See Holenbeck Family History for more.)

Egbert Otis Hollenbeck, 1830-1880, born in New York, died in Minnesota Valley, Missouri.
Parilla Hollenbeck, 1827-1880, died one week before husband, Egbert Otis Hollenbeck.
Benjamin Franklin Hollenbeck, 1865-1929, son of Egbert Otis Hollenbeck.
James Sylvester Holenbeck, 1862-1907, son of Egbert Otis Hollenbeck.
Anna Bell Rostock Hollenbeck, 1870-1925, wife of Benjamin Franklin Hollenbeck.
Edward Otis Hollenbeck, 1858-1941, farmer from Manhattan, Kansas.
Sara "Sadie" Hollenbeck, 1865-1955, wife of Edward Otis Hollenbeck.
Ira Edward Hollenbeck, 1899-1947, son of Edward Otis Hollenbeck.
Glenn R. Hollenbeck, 1914-1992, born in Mound City, Missouri, taught in Moberly, Missouri.
Jack Holenbeck - (1924-1988) lived in Kansas City area, son of Paul R. Holenbeck.
Mrs. Phylliss V. Holenbeck - wife of Jack Holenbeck, born in Waterloo, Iowa.
Walter Earl Hollenbeck - meat cutter from Mound City, Missouri.
Ernest D. Hollenbeck - farmer from Mound City, Missouri, twin of Walter Earl.
Paul R. Holenbeck - married Minnie Schmidt, lived in Axtell, Kansas.
Max Hollenbeck - 1918-1939, farmer from Nebraska, took his own life at age of 21.
Richard E. Hollenbeck (1911-1985) from Elmwood, Nebraska, brother of Max.
Ernest Leroy Hollenbeck (1888-1950) father of Max and Richard E. Hollenbeck.
Lewis Henry Hollenbeck - 1882-1957, lived in Nebraska.
Louisa F. Hollenbeck - (1831-1920) married Henry Hollenbeck, lived in Elmwood, Nebraska.
Edward Eugene Hollenbeck - (1874-1960) farmer from Manchester, Iowa.

Kansas City Area Hollenbecks
Noel Milford Hollenbeck, 1875-1957, lived in Edwardsville, Kansas.
Viola Faye Conner, 1889-1959, married Noel Milford Hollenbeck.
Louis H. Hollenbeck - (1910-1996), World War II veteran.
Edna Mae Fall Hollenbeck
- (1921-2000) - married Louis Hollenbeck in 1946.
Robert E. Hollenbeck - brother of Louis H. Hollenbeck, awarded Purple Heart.
Leroy Ambrose Henderson - married Lily Mae Hollenbeck, daughter of Noel Hollenbeck.
David H. Weeks - son of Levi Weeks and Jane Hollenbeck, born in New York (1821), farmed in Illinois (1859) and South Dakota (1883).
Fern Bertels - married Henry J. Hollenbeck, lived in Indiana.
William Percy Hollenbeck - (1906-1984), lived in Cass County, Michigan.
Llelvan Perry Hollenbeck (1902-1982) born in Illinois, lived in Sioux City most of her life.
Jeanne Kaldahl Hollenbeck (1930-1990) graduated from the University of Colorado and married Guy A. Hollenbeck in 1952.
Earl A. Hollenbeck (1919-1998) born in Nampa, Idaho was a veteran of World War II. 
Margaret Annie Hollenbeck Linden (1911-1999) born in Glenrock, Wyoming.

Descendants of John Hollenbeck of Cortland County, New York:
Nicholas Hollenbeck - son of John Hollenbeck, born in Cortland County, New York in 1822.
Cassius Hollenbeck - former mayor of Detroit, Michigan, son of Nicholas Hollenbeck.
Seymour Hollenbeck - brother of Cassius, ran a cheese factory in Bloody Pond, New York.
Jasper Hollenbeck -  brother of Cassius, lived in Cortland County, New York.
Mary E. McGinnis - married Jasper Hollenbeck in 1889.
Grace Hollenbeck - daughter of Seymour Hollenbeck, escaped death in 1953.
Lucy Ann Shevalier - married Nicholas Hollenbeck.
Edna D. Edwards - married Leon Hollenbeck, son of Seymour Hollenbeck.
Also see Cortland County Hollenbecks

European Hollenbecks

Pierre-Alexis Hollenbeck  - a French film star. Family #9.

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