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Elmer Sieving Kleopfer

This site is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather, Elmer Kleopfer.

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Need help identifying old Kloepfer photos!

Wanted:  Kleopfer/Kloepfer DNA!

Looking for Vernon David Kloepfer born 1938 in Santa Rosa, California.  Jeanne Kloepfer

Can anyone identify this Kloepfer?

Photos of Klopfer Family

Klepfer Photos

Ty Grant, Newest Descendant of Jacob Kleopfer Born October 26, 2004

Kloepfers of Kappelwindeck, Germany

Searching for Ronald George Kloepfer of Deerfield, Illinois.

Madeline Nora Treuthart, the newest descendant of Jacob Kleopfer (her 3rd great grandfather), was born October 24, 2003!

Emma Marie Rupp, descendant of Jacob Kleopfer (her 4th great grandfather), was born October 13, 2003!

Scott Thomas Lowe, great great grandson of Jacob Kleopfer is a musician, poet, and artist.  His music can be heard at Scott Thomas Lowe and Atascadero.

Six new photos of Louis Kleopfer family have been added thanks to Jan Kleopfer Modisett and Archie Kleopfer.

Old Klepfer Document Found

Looking for inormation on Charles F. Kloepfer (1903-1971).

Ronald Phillip Kloepfer (1961-2001) - rescuer dies at World Trade Towers.

Anna Kleopfer Nighbert (1903-1978) - married Lloyd Nighbert.

Frieda Kleopfer Ingram (1895-1976) - married Wallace Ingram in 1923.

George William Kleopfer (1892-1969) - served in World War I.

Everett Struther Kleopfer born January 23, 2001!

New information on Family #6 provided by Sheri Eardley Slaughter

Cathy Ann Kloepfer Dimick (1958-2000) lived in Carbon County, Utah.

Harold E. Kloepfer (1921-1998) died in Winter park, Florida.

New Queries!

Two new Klopfer families added!

John Martin and Katherine Smith Kloepfer photograph.

Christian Kloepfer (1847-1913) member of Canadian Parliment 1896.

Last Kleopfer descendant of the millenium?  Roman Jacob Treuthart, 3rd great grandson of Jacob Kleopfer (Family #1), was born December 28, 1999 to Alan and Diane Roman Treuthart.  He weighed 10 lbs. 2 oz. and was 21.5 in. long.  

Looking for George Kloepfer of Ohio

New Klöpfer researcher from South Africa.

Rudolph Carl Robert Kloepfer (1849-  ) came to America in 1858, owned a Dry Goods store in Plymouth, Indiana.

Peggy Eileen Kleopfer Roberts (1923-1999) daughter of Barton and Mary Kleopfer.

Barbara Ann Rodgers Hennigan - a cousin is trying to get in touch with you.  Please e-mail Alice A. Stokes.  Query #26

The Unlinked Klopfer page has been updated to include 479 individuals that have not been linked to any of the 21 families listed on this page.  Your help would be appreciated!

Query from France

Anyone looking for August Kloepfer?

News Article on Kloepfer Family #1

Obit for George Henry Kloepfer

See Cindy Harwell-Kaup's Kloepfer page!

Mary Koch Kleopfer (1913-1999) wife of Harold Kleopfer - Family #2.

Emma Ruediger Kloepfer (1855-1902) was married to Jacob Kloepfer, buried in St. Louis.

Kleopfer Photo Album

Can anyone help Terry Kloepfer connect to one of our Kloepfer lines?

Information on Family #1 - Jacob and Maria Kleopfer

Henrietta Kloepfer Pilgard, 1911-1998, resident of Barrington, Illinois.

Kloepfers in the 1890 New York City Directory.

Emigration Record for George Kleopfer - Family #2

1880 Census Record - Jefferson County, Indiana

Elmer Sieving Kleopfer 1898-1996  

New Kloepfer Family #21!!!

Can any one identify Emil Klopfer?

New Klopfer Family #20!!

New Query #19!!  New Klöpfer Family #19!!

New Information on Family #12!

Viola Kloepfer Eardley (1911-1998)

Jefferson County, Indiana Cemetery Records!  Zoar Cemetery and Sharon Hill Cemetery

More Biographies for Family #5 - thanks to Wes Kloepfer.

Bruno Klopfer - famous psychiatrist of Rorschach inkblot test fame.

My name is Robert Douglas Kleopfer and I am the great great grandson of Jacob Kleopfer (1824-1896). The purpose of this site is to provide a clearinghouse for information related to the Klöpfer/Kloepfer/Kleopfer surname. You won't find fancy graphics here, but you will find that the pages load quickly. I will do my best to update this site with fresh and interesting information as time permits. I invite you to share information with us! Any information about any Klöpfer descendant, including stories, biographical accounts, obituaries, and queries are welcome. I will post the information here as appropriate. If you are a descendant of a Klöpfer please drop me a line. Send e-mail by clicking at the bottom of this page. I would like to add your name to my database.

Kloepfer/Kleopfer Families of America

I currently have information on the following separate Kloepfer/Kleopfer families. If you have information which would allow me to link any of them, please let me know. If you know of other unrelated Kleopfer/Kloepfer families in America please let me know.

Family #1. Jacob Kleopfer came to America from Bavaria, Germany in 1842 with five of his brothers. After living in St. Louis and Iowa, they (Jacob, Adam, Louis, and John) went to California in 1852 during the Gold Rush. They traveled over the Oregon-California Trail. Jacob returned in 1859 and raised his family in Indiana. Louis remained in California. John was lost on the trip to California and Adam never married. My data base contains 319 Descendants of Jacob Kleopfer and 108 Descendants of Louis Kloepfer. Jacob Kleopfer is my great great grandfather. For more information see:

The Kleopfer Brothers
Jacob Kleopfer (1824-1896)  See1880 Census Record - Jefferson County, Indiana
Other sources of information on Jacob and Maria Kleopfer
Louis Joseph Kleopfer (1827-1880)
Adam Kloepfer (1827-1907)
John Kloepfer (1838 - 1852)
Reconnected after 137 Years! Also see Trip to the Gold Country
Longevity Report for Descendants of Jacob Kleopfer
Children of Jacob Kleopfer
Jacob & Maria Kleopfer's Marriage License

Click here to see a family tree. (May not be available to some browsers.)

Family #2. George Kleopfer was born December 10, 1834 in Wittenburg, Germany. He sailed to America in 1852 and originally settled in Putnam County, Ohio. He moved to Cass County, Illinois in 1858. He then moved to Dickinson County, Kansas in 1878 and died March 14, 1914 in Hope, Kansas. The Kleopfer homestead was 4.5 miles NW of Hope, Kansas. His family had nine children. I have been in touch with his granddaughter, Berneda Kleopfer Moore of Paola, Kansas. She works in the County Historical Museum Library in Paola. I attended their family reunion in Fontana, Kansas on November 24, 1996. 101 direct descendants have been identified.
Family #3. Shelby Kloepfer was born in the mid-1800s. I received information from his grand- son, William Roy Kleopfer of Toledo, Ohio. They changed the spelling of their legal name to "Kleopfer" in 1965. I also received information from his 2nd great granddaughter, Kim Kleopfer who lives in Shelton, Connecticut. Many of Shelby’s descendants live in northeastern Ohio. My database contains 9 descendants.

Family #4.   Jacob J. Kleopfer was born in Germany in 1859 and came to America in 1888. He and his wife settled near Fairview, Kansas. Many of his descendants live in southeast Nebraska or northeast Kansas. I received some information from his great grandson, Jon Kleopfer who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. Jon’s father, Leland Kleopfer, is a retired Lutheran minister. I also received extensive data from Annalee Kleopfer, the wife of Robert Kleopfer who is Jacob’s grandson. Forty-four (44) direct descendants have been identified.

Family #5. Cazimer Klöpfer (1811-1844) and his brother, Josef Klöpfer (1817-1856) came to America in 1837 or 1839 aboard the ship Albany (7 Klöpfers were on board). They settled in Richland County near Olney in southern Illinois. Other family members emigrated in 1840 - two brothers, Benedict (1802-1872) and Jacob (1808-1885), one sister Katharina (1806-1871), and two cousins Dionys (1794-1861) and Michael (1811-?). This group landed at New York on the ship Ilzaide (16 Klöpfers were on board). Dionys and Michael Klöpfer went to Illinois, to an area known as New Trier Township, north of Chicago along the shore of Lake Michigan. The other family members settled in lower Ontario, Canada, near New Germany, Kitchener and Maryhill. This is by far the largest Kleopfer/Kloepfer family in America today. This family can be traced back to Jorg Klöpfer (1621-1711) of Moos, Baden, Germany. My data base contains 1403 direct Descendants of Jorg Klopfer. Almost all of this family uses the "oe" spelling. Most of this family are Roman Catholic and live predominately in Illinois, New York, and Canada. The great great grandson of Dionys Klöpfer, William Wesley and his son Bill published a book in 1993 titled "Kloepfer-Klöpfer Genealogy & More" which describes this family in some detail. See references 3 and 4 at Books and References for more information on this family.  Also see Kloepfers of Kappelwindeck, Germany for more information on the origination of this family.

Family #5A.  Herman Klöpfer emigrated to America from Buhl, Baden, Germany in the early 1900s via St. Catherine, Ontario, Canada.  Herman had traveled to Canada with his brother, Jacob Klöpfer and settled in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Herman was the 5th great grandson of  Jorg Klöpfer

Family #6. Johann Klöpfer was from Alteiningen, Germany in Bavaria. He died in 1756. At least three descendant immigrated to America in the 19th century:  Henry (Heinrich) Kloepfer (1854-1921) sailed from Liverpool on June 15, 1878 on the S.S. Montana. He took his eight-year-old brother Jacob (1870-1962) to America with him. Another brother, Philip Kloepfer sailed from Liverpool on May 21, 1881 on the S.S. Wyoming. He had trained as a brick and stone mason in Mannheim, Germany. This is the profession which he practised in Utah, Idaho and Montana. While at the Liverpool dockyards, his trunk was stolen and he came to America with only the clothes on his back, knowing no English. Philip always listed his birthday as April 9, 1963, but the Altleiningen Evanlische records state that Philip (one L) illegitimate son of Elisabetha Kloepfer was born February 6, 1861. (Much information on this family was kindly provided by Sheri Eardley Slaughter.)  My database now has 226 direct descendants of Johann Klöpfer.  See the Kloepfer Bishops for more infromation.

Family #7. Gottlieb Kleopfer was born in Germany in 1816. He emigrated to America and settled in Washington County, Iowa.  I have been in touch with his great great granddaughter, Jean Frauenholz and other family members. My data base contains 84 descendants of Gottlieb Klöpfer.

Melanie Kleopfer's Home Page  (Melanie is a descendent of Gottlieb Kleopfer).

Family #8. George Klepfer was born in Germany and married Marie who was also born in Germany. His known children were Mary, Jefferson (married Mary Failer), and Gottlieb Klepfer (born February 3, 1839 in Unity OH or PA, died April 22, 1913 in New Springfield, Mahoning County, Ohio). My database contains 30 descendants of George Klepfer. Also see Kleopfer Queries #3.

Family #9. Charles Kloepfer was born in Germany in 1834. He married Elizabeth Weidmaier/Widmayer in Michigan in 1861. They had five children: Frederick (1867-1961), Louise (born about 1870 to 1879), August (1879 -1962), George, and Charles (1872-1931). Many descendants still live in Michigan. My data base has 27 descendants of Charles Kloepfer.

Family #10. Adam Klopfer, according to verbal family history, was a co-owner of a butcher shop in Hungary. He was robbed and murdered in the late 1800's while making meat deliveries and although the family believed it was at the hand of his partner, local Hungarian authorities would not investigate because the family was German. He was married to Teresa (sometimes Theresa) Klopfer and her maiden surname was "unknown". Teresa was born in Hungary 15 April, 1849, and died in Milwaukee 23 Feb, 1922. She came to the US from Hungary in 1911 with her daughter Eva (b 1885) and Eva's children, Joseph (born 1906) and Phillip (born 1909). Eva's husband, Joseph Kinsfogel had immigrated in 1909. Both the Klopfer and Kinsfogel Families settled in or around Milwaukee, WI. Three of Eva's brothers came to Milwaukee from Hungary: Amon Klopfer (born1880) came in 1905, and both Adam (born 1878) and Peter (born 1882) followed in 1906. My database contains 19 descendants.

Correction from Donna Eva Jarvis:  Eva came here on July 1, 1909, with her husband Joseph and son Philip, born in 1908 not 1909. Terez Klopfer came to the U.S. separately in 1910 with grandson Joseph who had been left with his grandmother in Hungary.

Family # 11. Fredrich Gottlieb Klöpfer came to America shortly before World War II and ended up in Bay Shore, New York on Long Island. His grandson, Gil Kloepfer, Jr. has a major presence on the Internet at Kloepfer Family Home Page.  My database contains 11 descendants.

Family #12. Joseph Klepfer was born in Germany in 1710, came to America in 1750, and settled in York County, Pennsylvania.  See queries #7 and #11.  There are 37 descendants in my database.  See Klopfer Family Tree. 

Family #13.  Ernest Kloepfer married Ella Schwenger and had 6 or 7 children, including Margaret Kloepfer who was born in 1919.  They lived in New Jersey.  See query # 2.  There are 15 descendants in my database.

Family #14.  Louise Kloepfer was born in Aberbiehl, Germany in 1861.  She married August Krumholz in 1887 and died in Minnesota in 1929.  See query #6.    This family has been linked to Family #5.  Louise Kloepfer is the daughter of Xavier Klopfer and the 5th great granddaughter of Jorg Klopfer. 
Family #15.  Max Klopfer immigrated to the U.S. from Munich, Bavaria, in the early 1920's.   He met and married Meta Schulein Klopfer in 1932.  He has one surviving brother, Fred, age 86, who lives in Australia. He is married with one daughter, Joan.  His two other brothers, Ernst and Fritz, are deceased. Max's son, Robert Klopfer would love to hear from other family members.
Family #16.  Oskar and Gerda Klopfer and seven children immigrated to America from East Germany in 1952.

Family #17.  Rudolph Carl Robert Kloepfer emigrated in March 1858 from Sulz, Germany with Rudolf and F. and Otto Albert Kloepfer. My database contains 27 descendants.

Family #18.   John Alfonso Kloepfer was born in Ohio in 1846 and married Lucy Catherine Moomaw.  They had nine children born in Licking County, Ohio. My database contains 31 descendants.

Family #19.  Gottlieb Henry Kloepfer emigrated from Luxembourg (?) in the mid 1800's.  He and his family settled in the Princeville/Wyoming, Illinois area.  They adopted the Klepfer surname spelling.  See Query # 19.  My database contains 9 descendants.

Family #20.  Julius Klopfer was born in 1910 in Fishach, Germany.  He came to America shortly before World War II with his sister Celia and brother, Justin.  They first settled at Long Island, New York.  

Family #21.  August Kloepfer was born in Germany about 1860 and died in Springfield, Ohio in 1933.  He was a bar owner and had five children, Jacob, Clara, Anna, Bertha, and Emma.  Thanks to Donald Reeb for this information.   My database contains 8 descendants.

Family #22.  Matheus Klopfer was born in Wurttemberg, Germany in 1720,  He signed for citzenship on May 8, 1750 in Dover, Deleware and moved to Pennsylvania.  Descendants have used the surnames Klopper, Clupper, and Cupper.    Thanks to Mark Pearson for this information. See Mark's site on Matheus Klopfer.  My database contains 155 descendants.

Family #23.  John M. Kloepfer was born 1834 in Wuerttemberg, Germany. He came to America in 1852. Immigration papers were signed in 1860 in Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio. He married Catharine Smith November 25, 1860, in Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio. He owned and operated a grocery and saloon business in Springfield.  Thanks to Ann Dodds.  My database contains 8 descendants.

Family #24. Karl Klopfer and Ernestine Schleicher emigrated from Weimer,Saxony in 1869.  His father was Frederich, mother Karoline Obenauf.  His ship was Smidt out of Bremen. They settled in Archbald, PA (near Scranton). breakerboy@mwisp.net  Tom Klopfer

Unassigned Kloepfers
August Kloepfer - died in Cleveland, 1853-1950

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