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This site is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather, Earl Milles.  He was the son of Emma Hollenbeck and George Washington Milles of Indiana.

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My name is Robert Douglas Kleopfer and I am the 9th great grandson of Caspar Jacobse Hallenbeck (1620 - 1703). The purpose of this site is to provide a clearinghouse for information related to the Hollenbeck/Hallenbeck surname. Most pages will load fast.  I will do my best to update this site with fresh and interesting information as time permits. I invite you to share information with us! Any information about any Hallenbeck/Hollenbeck descendant, including stories, biographical sketches, obituaries, and queries are welcome. I will post the information here as appropriate. If you are a descendant of a Hallenbeck/Hollenbeck  please drop me a line.  I would like to add your name and family information to my database of several thousand Hollenbeck descendants. Below I have listed various Hollenbeck families in America, many of which have not been linked to Caspar Jacobse Hallenbeck.

Hollenbeck Families of America

Family # 1: Caspar Jacobse Hallenbeck (1620-1703) and descendants. Caspar Jacobse Hallenbeck was born in Hollenbek, Schleswig, Germany (just east of Hamburg) in 1620. He married "Lysbeth" and came to America sometime before 1651 since his first child Katherin was born in Beverwyck, Albany County, New York in 1651. Several of Caspar’s children were reported as being born in Beverwyck. (Beverwyck was laid out around 1647 at what is now the center of Albany, New York). Caspar Jacobse Hallenbeck died in Albany County, New York in about 1703. There are thousands of descendants of Caspar Jacobse Hallenbeck who have populated different geographic area in America. See How Many Ancestors Do We Have? for an interesting discussion that might apply to the Hallenbeck family? See Family Outline.

Family # 1A: Jacob Hollenbeck Family of Indiana - One branch of Family # 1 beginning with Jacob Hollenbeck (1770-1842) the third great grandson of Caspar Jacobse Hallenbeck. This family came to Indiana in about 1818.

Family # 1B: George E. Hollenbeck - 5th great grandson of Caspar Jacobs Hallenbeck. This family came to Missouri from Ohio in 1858.

Family # 1C: George Hollenbeck of Kankakee County, Illinois - descendant of Abram Hollenbeck. This family moved from Greene County, New York to Illinois in 1849. May not be Caspar's progeny?

Family # 1D: Andrew F. Hollenback and brothers Lawrence V., William Henry, and Henry William (twins) came to Sangamon County, Illinois in 1830.

Family #1E: John Hollenbeck came to Appanoose County, Iowa after 1861.  Two of his sons, Lewis Hollenbeck and Judson Hollenbeck settled in western Kansas.

Family #1F:  Lawrence Hollenbeck came to the Illinois Territory in 1815.  He was the brother of Jacob Hollenbeck, Family 1A.

Family # 1G - James M. Hollenbeck raised 16 children in Chemung County, New York.  Several children went to Jackson County, Wisconsin.

Family # 2: George Hollenbach migrated from Germany to Pennsylvania in 1717.
(families #2 and 3 have been linked)   See Family Tree Maker Site by Catherine Comeau.

Family # 3: Thomas Hollenback born in Ohio 1814, Illinois 1831, Missouri 1847, California 1848, Illinois 1852, Missouri 1855, Kansas 1866.
(families #2 and 3 have been linked per LouAnn Cameron - however, please note that another researcher has concluded that this Thomas Hollenback is not the same one as in family 2 above)
See LouAnn Cameron's site:  http://pages.suddenlink.net/lspyres1/.

Family # 4: Charles F. Hollenbeck of Adair County, Missouri (born 1850) -descendant of Francis Hollenbeck. This family came from New York to Missouri in 1868.  See Hollenbeck Roots.
Family # 5: W. K. Hollenbeck of Miller County, Missouri ( born 1827) - descendant of Ephraim Hollenbeck, who, with his brother Jacob, emigrated to America from Germany in 1670.
Family # 6: Archie Talcott Hollenbeck - descendant of Alexander Hollenbeck of Scotland. This family settled in Franklin County, New York in 1830 before coming to Missouri in 1868.
Family # 7:  Philip Hollenbach was born in Germany in 1851 and came to America in 1869. He lived in Louisville, Kentucky.
Family # 8: Descendants of John C. Hollenbeck lived in western Kansas.
Family # 9: Descendants of Conrad Hollenbeck of Potter County, Pennsylvania. He lived to be 106 years old.
Family # 10: Descendants of Henry Hollenbeck, born in Germany in 1839. Lived in St. Louis. His great great grandson has a site at Planet Hollenbeck.

Family # 11:  Descendants of John W. Hollenbeck, born in Germany in 1838 and came to America after 1865.  This family lived in New Jersey. Also see Hollenbeck Biographies

Family # 12:
 Cornelius Hallenbeck married Maria Keller and  emigrated from Holland in the late 1700's.  See Query #36.
Family # 13:  Herman Heinrich Hollenbeck was born in Oldenburg, Germany about 1790 and emigrated to America in 1851.  He and his family lived in Osage County, Missouri.   See Hollenbeck Biographies for more on this family.
Family # 14:  Peter Hollenbeck was born in New York in 1790.  He was the father of Isaac Hollenbeck, who was born in Otsego County, New York in 1830.  See Query #39.

Family # 15:  George Hollandback was an early settler in Johnson County, Indiana having purchased land their in 1821.  Family legend has it that he came from the Tauber River area of Germany near Edelfingen which is now part of Bad Mergentheim.  Researcher #11. 

Family # 16:  Johann Conrad Hollenbach was born in 1752 in Lindfluhr, Franken, Germany , came to Pennsylvania as a boy, and served in the Revolutionary War.  Researchers #158, 164, 265 and 267. See Our Family History.

Family # 17: Frank Justus Hollinbeck, changed his name from Peterson, his native Scandinavian name, which he thought to be too common.  Apparently, he chose a friend's name (Hollenbeck), but the clerk in Chicago misspelled it.  Rick Hollinbeck

See Hollenbeck Biographies for more on these families.

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